Day 4 - Detox countdown

So today I'd like to ask you a billion-dollar question: are you generally healthy? Because you'll need a good basic level of wellbeing to do this diet. Do you, generally speaking, have a good appetite, does your digestive system function OK, do you fall asleep and wake up easily, do you have a relatively good memory and no major illnesses? If so, you're probably OK to do this diet.If you are in two minds over whether you qualify, feel free to drop me a line (though, as I've said before, though a trained complementary practitioner with an anatomy & physiology qualification under my belt, I am not a medical doctor - and so would advise anyone with any health issues to check with their doctor before beginning a diet like this).There are certain situations in which it is not advisable to carry out a liver cleanse like this including where there is cancer in any part of the body, where there are tumours in the liver, if you are pregnant or nursing, after major surgery, after a long illness, if you are elderly and in a weakened state or if there is cirrhosis of the liver.Those without a gallbladder can, surprisingly, generally do a liver and gallbladder cleanse successfully, but should follow a slightly different procedure than the one we are following here.So, if you're ready to go, there's one last thing I'd request of you. Could you give yourself a figure, from 1 to 10 (where 10 is great!) for a/ physical energy, b/ emotional energy and c/ mental energy? Don't spend too much time on it - just settle down for a moment, tune in and go with whatever figure feels right to you. And once you've recorded it, put it away somewhere where you can find it at the end of the diet. We're going to do this poll again at the end of the fast - and I can bet the results will be enlightening!Tomorrow: We cover the nuts & bolts of the liver and gallbladder cleanse and start to prepare the body

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