Day 2 - countdown to liver and gallbladder cleanse

minty-teaI'd encourage everyone to do a little gentle exercise each day – even if it's some gentle stretching before work - or you can park half a mile away from the office and stroll in to the office every morning, for a change!This will support your liver in detoxifying. It's a well known fact that stiffness of the joints and limbs can be a sign of blocked liver energy and so keeping the body moving and flexible will be doing your liver a favour.So today, we say goodbye to caffeine: coffee, black tea, chocolate... for a few days. Yes, green tea has some tannin in it, but we don't need to be overly fastidious at this stage – unless you particularly want to! And I don't need to remind you to drink plenty of good quality water – your body is already detoxifying and this will really help it along!Here's the shopping list for the LGBC (best to get prepared ahead of time!): Epsom Salts; cold-pressed olive oil; two small or one large pink grapefruit. And that's it!You will also need a (sealable) glass jar that can hold at least a pint of liquid and if, like me, you're really fascinated to find out exactly what comes out (this is half the fun), I would also add a large colander which fits nicely in the toilet bowl (if you understand my meaning – write in if you want me to explain in detail!!) and which you can throw away afterwards.Tomorrow: brace yourselves: yes, it's tough for a Friday, but we're taking out alcohol!

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