What's your soul food?

An acquaintance from Berlin mentioned to me recently that he was working too hard, feeling run down and eating unhealthily - but didn't have the energy to make the lifestyle changes he wanted to make. He also said he was facing a difficult life decision, but didn't feel able to give this the energy it merited for the same reason. The thing that seemed to distress him most however about all of this was that he had nothing in his life to feed his soul.I didn't have much of an opportunity to ask what he meant by this. But it got me thinking. I'm sure many of us experience days where we're lacking in inspiration or feel somehow empty, but do we take time to consider what spiritually nourishes us? And if not, would it serve us to find out?When we feel spiritually 'full' we're not only more resourceful, but we're happier and more energetic too. Infact, I'd take it a step further than that. My feeling is that it is when we do the things we love, that really light us up inside, that 'make our heart sing'... we come 'on song' (from an energetic point of view, all our energy centres come 'online' and our subtle energy field fills with vital energy). Not only do we feel better, but others feel better in our presence too. And interestingly things start to fall into place in our lives too.Here are just some of the things that do it for me (I'd love to hear your own - and at some point, if someone shows me how to work the technology - I'd like to create a 'reader poll' on this on the little white feather website). Going for a walk, barefoot in the dew at dawn, breathing the air deep into my lungs. Listening to music or songs that touch me deeply and allowing myself to really feel the emotions they instil in me. Doing 'free dance' - ie, letting my body move the way it really wants to move (yes, really!), whether I'm on my own or at a Five Rhythms or Nia dance class... Speaking the truth of my soul. Singing my heart out.A friend of mine feels that doing the things that really light us up inside actually 'turns the volume up on the soul' and has the potential to catalyse our spiritual growth. This has certainly been my experience.I'm running two workshops on this theme in London in the summer. Called 'Live Your Joy!' you can find out more about them on the Events page of my website.