The Way of the Evolutionary Man

One area of my creative life that is taking on a life and energy of its own at the moment is my work to help other women into their power. This is beautiful work. As I see it, women are making a journey from the heart to the solar plexus (taking their love with them as they grow in authentic power). And this journey is mirrored in the journey that evolving men are making. Already developed to a degree in their power centre, these men are making their first shaky steps toward living more 'from the heart'. I am not talking about the 'emotional heart' here (but more of that later!)And the beautiful thing about all of this is that, far from doing this through the 'old world' patterns of competition, I'm seeing so many examples of collaboration and cooperation, mutual honour and respect between evolving man and evolving woman, as we grow into ever fuller and more complete forms of ourselves - and, together, help to create a better world for ourselves, our families, friends and the world population as a whole.I've been interested in the work that Claire Zammit in the USA has been doing to help women come into their full beauty and power for some time - and it's her husband Craig Hamilton, also doing powerful work helping people evolve, that is hosting a telesummit, starting today, June 6th, The Way of the Evolutionary Man.I have reason to believe that it will be very powerful. And it's free and online. Please direct any men you a/ care about or b/ think may be interested to this site. I will be listening in as I have a vested interest in seeing the men of this world come into their own authentic power and beauty too. Comments? Please write in.

Ascension, GeneralTonya