Day 11 - Detox diet plan

Support yourselfThere are many ways we can support ourselves while undergoing our detox diets. We've already spoken about the benefits of exercise. There are other things we can do to make positive changes in our life that actually help support us on the plan.One of these is treating ourselves to a relaxing therapeutic massage or sauna once or twice on the programme. Deep tissue massage and swedish massage both help stimulate the lymphatic system to expel toxins more efficiently from the body. Going to a spa and treating yourself to a steam room/ sauna session (and even better, combining it with a gentle swim) will also help this process. And psychologically speaking it will feel good to reward yourself for your commitment to staying on the plan thus far.Today, it being a bank holiday, will be the perfect time for most of us to take a few hours to relax like this. Just as good, in a different way, is getting out in nature for a long walk or gentle stroll - with friends and family is good, but if you get a chance to be on your own, you can really relax into it.Experiment with your breath a little - when you breathe out, try and expel all the air you can. This way, your next inhalation will be deeper and your lungs will fill to capacity. Before too long, you will be breathing much more deeply and you will start to feel a lot more relaxed. Oxygenating your body and blood like this, too, also help support the detoxification process and helps your body expel toxins more efficiently.Write in with the ways you've supported yourself on the programme so far - they might find their way into my next blog!Tomorrow we address eating on the move!