Day 10 - detox diary plan

Sugar - the hidden rollercoasterExcuse me, all you gentlemen reading my blog, but it's before my period, and I'm not craving sugar as I would normally be. At the checkout at the petrol station, the friendly cashier took my card and tried to tempt me with a 'Three free donuts for the price of 1' offer. I giggled. Somehow it tickled me that he was trying to tempt me with donuts on my detox. And then I reflected that there was not one part of me that wanted that donut. Or the wonderful array of chocolate bars to either side.To me, this says that my blood sugars are balancing out. Something that often happens to me on the detox diet. And it mirrors back to me the reality of how, when I take additional sugar in my diet, whether it's in the form of a spoonful in my tea or simply eating a cake or piece (in my case, if I'm honest, usually a bar) once in a while, I am really assenting to being taken on a daily rollercoaster ride of a sort.Having said that, I wouldn't advocate being too anal about all this. It is Easter and I'm going to allow myself a chocolate rabbit or two. In the grand scheme of things, it won't make that much difference on the detox plan! And I'll enjoy the day with others much more.Tomorrow we'll discuss how you can support yourself on the detox diet