The power of play

Life can be a serious business. And with issues like global warming, lessening resources and severely crunched credit, it's sometimes difficult to find things to laugh about.But lightening up about the things that trouble us can actually help us resolve them. And having a good giggle can often give us the resources we need to deal with the serious things in our lives. A colleague of mine, who laughed her way back from 'terminal cancer' (and ended up surviving both her oncologists) believes that 'anything we can laugh at we can heal ourselves of'.And that goes for issues as well as illnesses! Somehow something alchemical happens and a shift can take place.From a more practical point of view, laughter has been shown to boost your immune system, give the heart and lungs a workout, relax body and mind, combat depression, improve digestion, improve mental function (more specifically, helping you learn and retain information more effectively), give your brain a refreshing mini-break, boosting problem-solving ability and boost morale.So, if your wellbeing tanks are running on empty, here's a little ditty to get you laughing (best tried in an office with the participation of at least three colleagues)! Hee hee!do be do song