Calling migraine sufferers

Was just writing a piece on serendipity and synchronicity when Harry the plumber knocked on my front door (he's in the process of fixing the pipes after a water leak). I gave Harry, who's also a Trager bodywork practitioner and enthusiast of holistic approaches to health, a summary of my weekend (I'd been on a workshop with 19 other co-counselling teachers and two of them had been showcasing some 'scientific' research they'd been doing on the role of laughter as a means of discharging shame).We started discussing the physiological and psychological benefits of laughter, he from a bodywork point of view. I mentioned that it had been found that laughing increases serotonin levels in the brain. And Harry told me that he'd given a recent talk to the main migraine association in the UK in which he referred to the fact that serotonin levels go down dramatically immediately prior to a migraine attack. Eureka!So, if you know any migraine sufferers, I have some simple 10-minute laughter exercises that can be used to boost serotonin and thus potentially ward off an attack next time they feel one coming on. And they might even enjoy the process!