My Soul Gifts story

I have to confess that I’m one of those people who knew from an early age what my soul was ‘seeded’ to unfold. That doesn’t mean however that it was easy for me – I had plenty of ‘dark nights of the soul’ and took plenty of ‘wrong turns’ along the way. After all, the journey to downloading more of our soul’s unique gifts and truly shining our light in the world is not for the faint of heart and sometimes takes every cell of our body and being… but that, of course, is what makes it so exciting!My journey started at the age of around 14. I realised with a jolt that I thought differently to my peers (or at least those that were prepared to vocalise it) and that I wasn’t so ready to acknowledge the ‘authority’ of government and medical institutions, or the dubious ‘truths’ that were being presented to me by the mainstream media.

What bamboozled me was that we had somehow, as a race, been hoodwinked into believing that we were less than we in fact were – less than infinite. In fact, a large proportion of people, as I saw it, saw themselves as powerless and small – and played into the hands of the people and organisations that seemed hell- bent on keeping them that way.I had a real yearning to take off to a mountaintop in India and meditate my life away – as a means to stay in touch with the truth I felt inside and, if I’m honest, to escape the dubious values of the ‘real world’, which jarred me.

I’m so glad I didn’t – and, rather, followed a gentler inner prompting that told me to ‘do it in the world’ instead. Though I was acutely sensitive at the time (what would later have perhaps been termed a ‘highly sensitive person’), had vulnerabilities being around harsh energies and people and couldn’t yet see my place in the world, I somehow realised that my sensitivities, far from being burdens or weaknesses, were in fact divine gifts — and that I needed to find a way of landing and expressing them on the planet… ‘the only way out was through’.

Little White Feather is the vehicle I created to bring my own unique soul gifts into the world – to ‘bring more heaven to earth’ – helping, inspiring others to be more of what they are and, in my own small way, to help others on their journey of unfoldment towards enlightenment and ascension. And funnily enough, I no longer want to escape to a mountaintop. I’ve come to love this life, with all its grit, its rawness, its realness — and it is now no less beautiful to me than the heavenly qualities of the angelic realms. And I no longer feel that I ‘do not belong here’, as I am as at home in the tumult of the physical world now as I would be on my ‘home planet’.Now I’m working with hundreds of clients all over the world — many of them what we might call ‘star souls’ or ‘star seeds’ — to help them ground their spiritual gifts. I’ve witnessed people go through profound spiritual awakenings as a result of this work and transform their lives so that they fully express the creativity and passion they feel inside.

Do you sometimes feel like you don't belong? Are you a star soul? Do you feel you have a unique mission to fulfil? The Soul Gifts Programme may be for you! Book a place on our free webinar 3 Keys to Unlock Your Unique Soul Gifts, on the evening of Wednesday November 28th (7 pm GMT). Or download your free eBook of the same title, here. (Above: a pic of me and gifted facilitator and friend, Indi Angel Bridges, who will be helping out on the Soul Gifts Programme).