Time for a bit of spring cleaning?

Do you ever have 'nitty gritty days' - the kind of days where you wake up in the morning and just know that what you need to do - before you can do anything else in a truly aligned, authentic kind of way - is pick up each thing - in your inner and outer world - and polish it until it shines? That's what today feels like to me.Sometimes, before I scrub up or dust an item, I'll need to examine it a little closer: Does it belong in my life right now? (If not, it goes in 'recycle'). And if it does fit my world, I need to check in with myself on whether it needs mending, cleaning.... or just a really good polish? And when I've tended and polished it care-full-y, I then ask whether the item is where it needs it to be, in my life at the moment - or does it need to be moved from inside that dark cupboard under the stairs to take pride-of-place on my sitting room windowsill, for instance?

When I'm doing work like this, I'm under no illusion that what I'm really doing is working on my inner world. And, as they say, the devil is in the detail! You can't afford to skip over any of this stuff if you're really serious about your growth. No truly spiritual path is for those of us not prepared to tackle the dark corners. And sometimes, when I know something is slightly out-of-kilter in my energetic system - and I can't put my finger easily on what it is - working on the outer elements of my life can enable shifts to take place energetically within me - and then either what I need to work on is revealed to me or my energy comes back into alignment of its own accord. I'll often realise, too, that somehow, somewhere in that process, I'll have stumbled across the keys to the next step on my journey - which I wouldn't have found if I hadn't done this bit of 'spring cleaning'. I love it how that happens!

And so, though I've never been particularly talented at (or put much emphasis on) cleaning in the outer world (I've also, if I'm honest, focused on the more obviously 'creative' side of my life), there's nothing quite like the feeling I get when I've tweaked and tended everything that's out of alignment and I'm back 'in flow' again. On every level. It's like taking yourself (rather than your car) for a service - and the trick is not to leave it until it's 'due' on paper (ie, at 'spring cleaning time', say - but to do it whenever you feel a bit 'off centre'!So, if I'm going to walk my own talk on this, now, there's only one thing for it. I'm putting my rubber gloves on... and I'm going in (I don't have any rubber gloves, actually... but you get the picture)!

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