Turning crisis into opportunity

When our souls really begin to shine through in all their power and glory there can be no stopping us. At least that's the way I see it right now. And sometimes this manifests first as seemingly insurmountable circumstances in our lives.

Take for instance one coaching client of mine - a truly powerful soul. It's like her being -  in a bid to become free of all that limits it - has lined up all sorts of experiences in her life right now to mirror back to her the original trauma - ie, the moment when her being, which as I see it once knew only unity, first experienced disunity - giving her the opportunity to heal this misconception at a deep level and move into harmonious being. This is the opportunity of these times - to take off the shackles and realise the fullness of who we truly are.And the trick for this client of mine, as I see it, is not to be deceived by the outer challenges - to see them as the mirrors they are (and actually as a gift and an opportunity to help her uncover deeper, richer aspects of who she is at core).

And yes, I can see how it might appear far-fetched, but it seems to me like all the things that have happened to her in the lifetimes (and I express it that way not because I have a specific belief system around reincarnation, but because it is unfolding that way for her) since that original trauma - what we might call her accumulated 'karma' - seem to 'echo' that trauma, in both theme and content. You couldn't have worked it out more perfectly if you tried!And so not only is she getting the opportunity to heal the rather challenging situation that she is experiencing in her life right now - by choosing to look at it differently, choose different behaviours and create new 'patterns' and, ultimately, experiencing greater expansion as a result - but she's getting the opportunity to heal that original trauma, and everything that followed, as a result.

And this dear soul might think she hasn't got the tools or the strength to deal with this situation, but I can see quite clearly that she has.The situation, which might, from the outside look like a tough call has been created by her authentic self  to expose the biggest myth of all her lifetimes - separation - and to give her the opportunity to heal that misconception and come into the full harmony and completeness of her being. And isn't that, if we're really honest with ourselves, what we're all yearning to do? It's Custer's Last Stand!  What do you think?

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