One day tenderness will move the world

Seed of Eywa

Seed of Eywa

You know, a number of people have asked me recently, 'What do you feel 2017 is 'about?' And, what with the 'fallout' that's taken place since a certain US president took his seat, the volatility of the situation in parts of the Arab world and with the effects of climate change becoming more pronounced and unpredictable in many corners of our beautiful planet, it's clear to see that it's going to be both a radical and a challenging one.But there's something very beautiful happening in tandem. If you take the time to listen; take yourself to a quiet spot and meditate for a while, there's an incredible softness and gentleness being birthed down here, amidst everything that's happening on planet Earth right now.And for me it's what epitomises this year we're in. It's like as the old world 'crumbles' - as outdated structures that don't serve us break down - a new one is being born. And it's being birthed out of this gentleness, this tenderness...

And so, if I had to give 2017 a name, I'd call it The Year of the Divine Feminine. And, I'm aware I am talking from a mystical perspective here, but it's a very real energy. And, what's more, it's incredibly powerful.Because however much things fall apart, regardless of how much chaos we experience on a 3D level, the energy of the divine feminine is rising. And, as the old world crumbles, it is helping birth the new.

And however much Donald Trump shakes things up - whether he's conscious of it or not, his role as US president, at least for the time being, seems to be to 'bring up stuff' in humanity; a bit like a centrifuge, he's here to give us a bit of a shake. And then, behind all of this, there's the wisdom of the Divine Feminine energy rising up!

If I had three words to explain what I mean, I'd say 'tenderness, gentleness... a quiet wisdom'. If I had a picture, it'd be Eywa, the tree of souls, in Avatar - or one of the seeds of the tree (and a sign of Eywa's favour, pictured above). If I were to show you a clip to demonstrate what I mean it would be this one (please disregard the perfume bottle at the end, but I'm not sufficiently up on film editing just yet to do much about it!) And, if you're not tired of my advertising analogies just yet, it would be the tagline of the old Andrex advert, 'Softness is our strength'. What do you think? Will tenderness one day rule the world?

And if you're interested in the 'meanings' behind Trump's presidency, you might like to read Open's article You are Precedent, here.