'Why do you still teach co-counselling?'

Alaric and TonyaPeople sometimes ask me why I 'still teach co-counselling', with all the other workshops I offer, which are more of an overtly 'spiritual' bent, from The Mechanics of Spiritual Change to Finding Our Inner Light (starts later this autumn).They assume that, having 'done a lot of work on themselves' in the past - and considering themselves a way along on their personal evolutionary path - that learning co-counselling may be somehow 'too basic' for them.I often challenge this way of thinking. One reason why I still teach co-counselling, after all these years - and will probably continue to do so for years to come - is because it encourages us to the places in ourselves where we can truly grow.For me, something that characterises true spiritual evolution is that we do not ignore any aspect of our selves - leave no stone unturned in uncovering the truth of our beings. Part of this, for me, means going to the places, emotionally, that are painful for us. For me, that's the only way we will uncover the shining truth of our authentic beings (after all, 'the only way out is through'). The co-counsellor's toolkit contains some powerful tools for doing this.I've had some great 'mirrors' over the years in the people in my life - some of them quite close to me - who have chosen to ignore the 'nitty-gritty' of the emotional in their commitment to preserve a 'love and light' state of mind - and in doing so, have never actually done the spiritual spadework needed to facilitate the shifts inside that create true spiritual expansion and lasting change.I also see those that learn the skills of co-counselling experiencing a greater sense of freedom in their lives and an increasing ability to bring more of their authentic selves to the table.It's also a powerful tool for helping people shift 'into the new paradigm' - the world of community, connection, co-creation, flow and ease that many of us feel is emerging all around us. Despite all that's clearly happening in the contrary! What do you think?Our next co-counselling course is now fully booked (we're now taking bookings for our spring course, starting in London in April 2017. You can also read my e-book Co-Counselling: Become Your Own Life Coach in 40 Hours to find out more.