The power of the early morning metaphor

Sclouseauometimes I feel a bit like a feminine Sherlock Holmes, but investigating the spiritual/ energetic world rather than the criminal one. I'll wake up early morning with an impression, a vague 'whiff' of something - and, then, there's just perhaps time for a quick cup of tea and then I'm off on the trail of something new.Sometimes it can be about sensing out earth energies, using the intuition ('inner-tuition') or hidden clues in the landscape, or underground water sources, to uncover some ancient truth or hidden spiritual meaning. Other times it's simply following the intuitive trail laid out before me to discover the key to something unexplained in my own life. I've found that every moment, every experience, has a 'clue' in it, something that the universe seeks to reveal - if we can only decode it. We just need to learn to look in the right place - pick up the cues that life is laying out for us.It was a bit like that for me this morning. I woke up with a slight soreness in my tonsils and  general thymus area and thought, 'What-ho! What have I allowed into my energy field?'' (Since my teens, this symptom has been a kind of  'early warning system' for me, showing me that the integrity of my energy field has become compromised in some way). But it's become quite a rare feeling these days.Anyway, I 'clocked it' and got up to make myself a cup of tea, immediately feeling to check in with my friend, who was visiting from overseas and staying in the room next to me. What she said 'pricked my consciousness' immediately. She had been having problems with a slug overnight, which had apparently come into her room - and had woven a silken trail in huge circles across the carpet. She had only noticed this when the moonlight had picked it out, when she woke in the middle of the night - making it sparkle like fairy dust.Now, I intuitively felt that the two - the state of my tonsils and the slug's strange appearance - were 'linked' in some way - metaphorically, at least. I 'checked in' with whether the feeling in my tonsils had any emotional contingent. I noticed that I felt 'invaded' by the energies carried by a certain someone in my life - and immediately 'got' that it was time to 'reclaim my energetic sovereignty', ie, to redraw the boundaries in some way between me and them.On this occasion, the action I felt to take was more metaphorical than confrontational. Even though the slug and its trail were very much in my friend's room, it 'felt' like the slug - and the way it had woven its silken trail - had a clear 'message' for me (as those of you who read my blog regularly will know, I constantly draw messages from the animals and creatures that appear in my everyday life). In this situation, it felt appropriate for me to get involved in helping resolve this issue. By 'going in there' and dealing with the slug situation, I felt I would be energetically dealing with the issue associated with my thymus/ tonsils - my own life issue and would get some more clues in how to deal with it.So, first we had to find the slug. 'Follow the trail,' you might suggest - but it wasn't that easy. As Ms Holmes soon found, slugs can be insidious - they do not always leave a trail! And this particular slug's trail appeared and disappeared at different junctures around the room. Another clue for me in dealing with the person in my life!I used my intuition and quickly found the slug, half way up a wall. I connected with the animal, held it in a space of unconditionality and sensed out what I was to do. It was soon evident that all that was needed was to pick it up and return it to some foliage outside the house. I was getting a message that this was a perfect metaphor for what was happening with the specified person  in my life: I needed to find a way to connect similarly with the soul of the person concerned in some way, when I saw the person next, 'name' the unhelpful energies and - if they were 'willing', with compassion show them 'the way back to the light'. Hmmm.... interesting and tricky work! How was I to do that? And how was I to heal my side of the situation - the reason why I had been affected by this person's energies in the first place... after all, it takes two to tango!Again, the slug and its trail provided the key. I needed to follow the trail back to its source and, in so doing, find the slug's 'entry point' - and find a way to block this in some way to stop the slug returning to this space. While I was doing this, I felt like I was energetically 'feeling out' the 'access points' where my own energy was being leeched (or should I say 'slugged'?) by this person's unhealed energies - the access points (in this case the thymus and the solar plexus areas). Clever stuff, I thought... and all before breakfast!It all took me back to my twenties, when I was an investigative journalist working undercover for a well-known national investigative rag over here in the UK. I was quite good at this work. But somehow, following the 'slime trails' - and feeling that the investigative practices we were being instructed to use did not fit my personal integrity, I felt somehow 'contaminated' by what I was 'covering'. In the end, just as we were about to go public on a story that would have put my name, as a journalist, on the front page of all the nationals, I walked out, telling my bosses that this simply did not align with my sense of truth (though I didn't put it quite like that!) A defining moment for me.Sometimes, if we're serious about 'becoming free', serious about our spiritual path, we have to make choices - speak our truth, however difficult... and, in so doing, we learn the lesson and we can 'graduate', our energy shifts - and we move into a more expanded, evolved aspect of our being.I realised this was what the morning's signs and symbols were inciting me to do. A feeling of contamination or of being compromised, like any feeling, is simply a mirror to reveal aspects of ourselves and our lives that need to be addressed. To bring us closer to following our truth. Because it's always been about truth for me. How about you?