Learning to embrace the changing seasons

embracing seasonsI had a couple I know round to dinner last night. They were about to decamp to Portugal for the winter (they have a holiday home there and neither of them enjoy the English winters). One of them said to me, 'You quite like the winter, don't you, Tonya?' and it made me think, yes, I guess I do (as much as I do all the other seasons, that is!)The way I see things, though, is that if we cease fighting something, whatever it is - let go of all resistance – and see it (and feel it) the way it really is - whether it's winter, the cold.. WHATEVER… then we can open to its opportunities and all manner of magic can then open up to us. As the Borg said in Star Trek, The Final Frontier, or whatever it was, 'Resistance is futile!'The same, I think, can be said of low mood, or depression (because it’s at this time of the year, too, that a lot of people start dreading the darker evenings, the clocks going back, etc. etc).  And dreading the low mood (or, as we call it over here in the UK, SAD, or seasonal affective disorder)  can set up a 'vicious cycle' that really doesn't help things.In anticipation of this, I’m going to kick off a 21-day ‘depression bootcamp’ on Little White Feather (Facebook only), starting the day clocks go back in the UK (October 26th), to support anyone that feels this way about the approaching winter.It’s a very positive, holistic plan – and it constitutes embracing and accepting any low mood, the time of year, etc. etc. rather than resisting it. There are a lot of other practical tips included in the plan, though, too… so I suggest, if you’re one of those people who sinks a little as the nights get longer, do what you can to tune in every day.  It may make all the difference. <3