On the journey from head to heart

transfiguration 1I have a new coaching client who, despite having worked on herself for some time and doing a good deal of dedicated meditation, still feels she is 'not moving forward,' from a spiritual point of view. I reflected on why this was and it came to me that it was perhaps because she had not yet made the journey 'from the head to the heart'.Sioux legend (and countless spiritual thinkers across time) refer to this journey as, 'the longest journey that we will ever make'. I'm not sure if I would go that far but I would say that we can get nowhere near to unleashing the full power and potential of our souls by engaging the mind alone. We have to engage the heart.  And despite much of western society being founded on a reverence for the intellect, it is those that are too wedded to it and not so in touch with the wisdom and power of their hearts that find it most difficult to make progress on the spiritual path.On my personal journey, it was when I started to lead my life from the heart - to 'live my joy' - that the magical and the mystical, the magnificent and the miraculous really started to happen in my life... and on a daily, infact almost a minute-by-minute basis. And I would say that there is a point on the spiritual path where we need to drop into the heart  - infact for the heart to break open - in order for us to move forward. I'm not talking about the physical heart here, of course, but the 'spiritual heart'. And it's in its breaking open - and breaking open, over and over again - that a space is cleared inside so that more of the soul can infuse and we can access and unfold into more of our innate spiritual gifts.So how can we facilitate our journey from head to heart? Well, one way is certainly by doing the things that set our souls on fire... by 'living our joy'. And it isn't enough to simply sit on the sidelines, here (one reason why I call it 'living our joy', rather than just 'following our joy' or bliss (which to me is a different thing); we need to give ourselves entirely to that joy, surrender entirely into the middle of it... and in so doing, it's like we light a fire underneath our spiritual path and it kind of bursts into flame! At least that's been my experience. It's like we need to find the passion at the core of our souls and begin to live from there. And whether this means connecting deeply with Nature or wild, abandoned dancing, each of us will find a path to living our core joy if we let our souls lead us. Who says the spiritual path needs to be serious? Far from it! In fact, it is in connecting with and living from the innate lightness of our souls that we can progress most easily along it (at least in my way of seeing things). What do you think?