Learning to soar in the midst of change

eagle in flightI have a new client who's inspiring me big-time. She's going through major changes in her life, including a divorce which frightens the hell out of her - and she's simply flying!What's her secret? Well, from the outside it looks like, rather than shutting down in the face of fear, she's opening like a flower... keeping her heart wide open and her mind open to possibility. Now, how many people do you see do that when held in the jaws of fear and doubt? And as such all the magic and miracles and gifts that the divine is wanting to give her to help her on her journey... guess what? They're able to reach her.It's awesome to me - she's providing a living example of what I've been going on about in this blog for months, nay years! And it struck me that this is precisely the area of my work that I'm most passionate about at the moment; helping people, rather than to shut down and tighten up in the face of change, to learn to internally surrender, and keep surrendering. As I see it, this is when we are shown a way through.At least this is my experience. And no more so than in year I left my husband - or did he leave me? We're never entirely sure. But no matter, the outcome was the same. I often refer to this year as the best year of my life (the year I met him originally got that title but guess what, things changed... tee hee hee), because it really showed me what I was made of! It was the year I really started to live from my core self.Life really emptied me out that year. I'd had many years of rather character-forming experiences both before I met my husband and right up until I decided to leave the marital home! My nervous system had mysteriously 'blown' a couple of months before that, I was being tested for MS and lupus; we had garnered unworkable amounts of marital debt and the organisation I was working for had just laid off lots of staff (including me). But it all came to a head one afternoon when I was hoovering the sitting room floor (I don't need to be in a bath to have a Eureka moment!) I heard a flapping noise and looked up to find a bat circling the room above me! Now this was mightily unusual in the rather upper class estate we were living in at the time - this was hardly the wilderness! What made it even more odd was that the door was closed and there was only one window open and that was open just a crack. I went to hoover in the other rooms (I wasn't able to get much done with that rather large creature flapping round my head) and when I returned it had gone!Now as many of you who read my blog regularly will know, I take my animal symbology quite seriously. It felt to me that Mister Bat had visited me 'for a reason'. Two weeks later, I had moved out of the marital home and set up home in nearby Surrey. Now, I probably don't need to repeat myself but, to make it easy for you, I will; at this point I had no work; I was in grave debt and was also feeling chronically ill. But what did I do? Instead of hanging on for dear life, I let it all fall apart and started living from the space that formed inside - one of almost nothingness. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. And I was shown the way. And, you guessed it, before too long each of those issues had miraculously turned around (though at this point I must say, my being had been so carved out that I was largely unattached to any outcome)...So my passion now is to help others going through similar transformations in their lives - whether marriage breakups or health challenges or redundancies - and to do what I can to assist them in, rather than closing down, opening up and embracing the situation - and often experiencing a powerful shift in consciousness as a result. Because that was what happened to me.If anyone likes this story and is interested in one-to-one transformational coaching (skype coaching can be arranged if you're not in the neighbourhood) please give us a call.