Helping birth the divine human

Something really struck a chord with me at a retreat I was on at the New Year. It was the concept of the 'divine human being' - what Chris, who was running the event, called homo divinicus (as opposed to homo sapiens).Why did this strike a chord with me? Because it feels like this is what we were destined to be all along. Infact, it feels like this is what my whole life has been about: helping birth the divine human being that is within each one of us. That's really what little white feather is all about: I should really change my 'strapline'! And the whole idea fills me with passion and delight.I'm not talking about the 'perfect' human being here; I'm talking about the whole, complete human being. The human being who knows she is complete... 'God in man' (which is actually what the word 'human' derives from, of course).And the way I see it, states like 'enlightenment' and 'ascension' are no longer solely the domain of the Christs and Buddhas among us: they are accessible to us all. We just need to change our focus, make a constant commitment to truth and our own unfolding, and learn to let go. Over and over again. Of course it takes work: but it really is possible.And I think this is more the case now than ever before. Because for me something has changed down here. On one level, on the '3D level', as I heard a TV broadcaster say last night, "the Mayans got it wrong - the world didn't end at the Solstice in December". But for me, from a 5D perspective, it did! Everything has changed. It is like the veil has been lifted - and there is nothing now to stop the 'new world' that I've always seen in my mind's eye - and talk about sometimes on this site - coming into being.Yes, of course, on the physical level, there's much to challenge us - there's civil unrest in almost every country; many, if not most, people are experiencing financial difficulties; climate change is becoming an ever-more-evident reality. But there are an increasing number of us living in what we might term a 'golden age' - in our own consciousness - regardless of what is happening every moment on a physical level. I'm aware that I might sound more than a little 'woo woo' when I speak like this. But this is only because we're not used to talking about these things. Maybe we should take them out of the closet, give them a little dusting, and start talking!Because this, as I see it now, is what the 'birth of the new age' is all about - it's a state of golden consciousness which we take with us should the whole world crumble around us. And this is what each of us, in evolving, day-by-day, is surely working towards.What do you think? Does this strike a chord with you? I'd love to hear.