Passing through the eye of the needle

This is not the time to be aligned toAny one truthAny one belief system, institution or credoBut to be aligned to the truth withinSo that we can pass intact throughThe eye of the needleAnd move into the new paradigm that beckons usEnabling a more co-creative, balanced, co-operative way of life to unfoldAll that is not of truth will of necessity fall awayTo create the space forThe new to be bornAnd so it will serve us toHold life lightlySurrender to the flowLet go!So that we can unfold without effort into the newThis is our task nowAs the gateway that is the 21st of DecemberApproachesTo release all that isOut of balanceUnsustainableUntrueAnd learn to flow with the newDisengage from the media hypeSurrounding this timeThe fear stories that seek toControl us through our base naturesAnd rise as on the wings of the Phoenix, free...For what is '2012' butAn invitationTo trustTo surrenderAnd in so doing move throughA gatewayInto a space of higher consciousness(Infact like any other day)?And so I invite youWherever you areTo join with me on 21/12And we will rise together on the new energiesLetting them carry us throughWhatever 'eye of the needle' that date has contained within itThe December solstice sun is nowPerfectly aligned to the galactic equatorForming a giant 'holy cross' in the skiesA symbol of surrenderThe 'crucifixion of the ego'Of unfolding intoAn enlightened stateSo let's accept theInvitation toAlign with what isLet's hold a space of truth withinTo allow greater light to come inAnd enable '2012' to be what it is 'meant' to beA portal to a higher state of consciousnessFor all of usAnd allow what seeks to arise on this planet to ariseYou can read more about the galactic alignment here and the 'holy cross' here