Cloud hopping

I have a friend that I'm collaborating with on a lot of projects at the moment. And because I'm seeing so much of her, I'm getting to observe more closely the way she lives her life.And it's delightful. She kind of cloud-hops.She'll step out with abandon into the clear blue sky, eyes dancing with amusement. And sure enough, as she does, the next cloud will appear and she'll reach her arm out - like waving down a taxi - and jump on, without hesitation.Sometimes as she steps, an electric storm will arise, and she'll find herself dodging thunderbolts. But guess what? It won't stop her cloud hopping. And look in her eyes, and beneath the surface, her eyes will still be flashing with whimsical laughter.Some people, seeing only the surface layer of my friend, will see her as too changeable, not to be relied upon: a will-of-the-wisp and a flibbertigibbet (I love that word) and not find time for her. But if they looked just beneath the surface and made the time, they'd find a wonderful person - a lover of and a believer in life - a true alchemist of the wind and waves - who lives with such trust in the wonder of life that magic is never too far away.

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