Sounding our own note

Since I had that car accident, a year or so ago - and chose not to replace my car - I've been doing a lot of biking. One of my favourite places has been along the river Wey and the Wey Navigation near where I live - unspoilt countryside, a peaceful atmosphere and I can cycle along unimpeded for mile upon mile, without having to resort to a road.At weekends, though - when it's sunny, at least - it can get quite busy and I'll often have to use my bell to let people know I'm coming (they're often in rapt conversation or simply relaxed and unware of their surroundings).Thing is, when I returned from a training course recently (on which I'd been doing a lot of inner 'excavation work' - and my consciousness had changed considerably as a result), things appeared to have shifted in some way. It was as if I didn't need a bell any more. Everyone, almost without exception, sensed me well before I approached, turned round and moved out of my path - even though my bicycle was entirely silent. At least it seemed that way.And whether this was infact the case or not, it certainly did mirror back to me a universal truth: as our 'note' becomes clearer, people can hear it more readily above the din of the world - and their own thoughts. And this has been reflected back to me in my personal life just recently, too. Because my note is becoming more audible, people are finding me and the work I'm doing more easily (I don't need to spend so much time to 'market' or 'advertise' myself - all that's so old-world, dahhhling! (joking - but you know what I mean)). It's about finding your note - the one that reflects the truth of who you are - and sounding it, with courage and clarity. Ding! So people of the right vibration (one that is resonant with your own) are drawn to you. Ding!And the sense I get is that the more we can do now to find our own note and sound it (by 'doing the inner work' and keeping our inner worlds as clear as a bell - or as much as we can, anyway), the better. Because in the times that many of us sense are ahead, we're going to need to be clear as a bell so that others, who may have lost their way in the fog, can find it again.And, of course, the clearer our own note, the more receptive we can be to the notes that others are sounding around us and, together, as a community, we can become more of the orchestra we are meant to be, rather than a cacophony of discordant tones. As Kahlil Gibran memorably said in The Prophet: 'Your body is the harp of your soul; And it is yours to bring forth sweet music from it or confused sounds'. The choice is ours!