Walk with me

Do you ever feel so in love that your heart achesNot with a person, but with This Life,The soul's journey...Humanity?I feel that nowAnd all I can do is weepI feel so gently held by this Earth, which I loveWith all my heart’s tendernessBy the people around me, with their vulnerability and theirAwesome strength and powerA power which some of them have not even begun to realiseI also weep becauseWe have waited so long for these timesThese times of change; these end-beginning timesAnd as it all begins to unfold, to unwind,I feel like a fresh warm breeze blows right through meAnd lifs my soul and spirit to 'heaven'Or some other beautiful transcendent placeThat place is synonymouslyRight here, right nowIn the grimeThe rawnessThe realityOf life on EarthTell me, do you feel it too?So take my outstretched hand andDrop with me into this moment of infinite tendernessWhich contains within it all the preciousness, the pain, the potentialOf life on EarthAnd LifeTake my raw, aching heart in your ownAnd love meAs I love youAnd let's walk forward togetherInto the sunset-sunriseOf these timesBlessed be.Blessed be.