Finding our 'eco setting'

I bumped into a friend this week who I hadn't seen for a long while. We had attempted to arrange a meeting some time before - a few sensitive issues lay between us - but it had never quite flowed and so I decided to let it go, trusting that there would be a right time for it that fit into place more easily. This seemed to be it - as the moment we met we 'dropped into' an easy space together and everything flowed.Over a chai latte (this seems to be becoming a habit, doesn't it?), we quickly got into the content that mattered (interestingly, because it appeared to be the right time for us to meet, issues were effortlessly resolved with the lightest touch). It transpired that since we'd attempted and failed to meet up all those weeks ago, my friend had gone through a bit of a 'healing crisis'. She had suffered a very uncomfortable rash all over her body, (which doctors couldn't really explain but were linking to complications surrounding a long-term condition that she had), and had had to spend a week or so in bed. And that week had felt like a 'living hell' to her. She said that as a result her brain was not yet functioning as normal.I expressed to her that I found her really good company in her current state and that her brain seemed to be functioning very well. She said that she had come to rely on her brain to fuel all sorts of meetings - inspiring others and filling the air with ideas - and that she was looking forward to when it 'came back'. I couldn't help feeling that there was 'something for her' in this situation - and that the space she was in now seemed to be more 'authentic' and balanced than the acetylcholine- and often caffeine-fuelled state she had to be in in order to fulfil the role that others had come to expect of her in those meetings.So when I got home I emailed her and told her my thoughts. I told her of a similar situation I'd been in a few months before, where I'd been forced to my bed for a few days. I felt 'physically ill' but I felt intuitively that it wasn't a physical illness. It felt like I was being energetically 'restructured' in some way. And as part of the process I felt like I was being encouraged to find my 'eco setting'. I had been putting high voltage into everything I did for a long time - perhaps all my life - and the transformation was kind of encouraging a more 'sustainable' version of me to be born. And if I hadn't gone to bed for a while, I doubt whether this 'new self' would have been able to emerge.I think a lot of us are experiencing unexplained illnesses and health conditions these days. And this may seem a little far-fetched, but I have a hunch that much of it is related to changes that the Earth is herself going through. As I see it (and I'm not the first to say this) the planet is going through a kind of 'cleansing' process where she is effectively shifting to a higher energetic 'frequency' (or higher 'dimension'). As part of this, the planet's people are going through changes too (it's pure physics - anything in us that does not harmonise with the higher frequencies - that is blocking our shift to a higher energetic vibration, as it were - is being challenged). And the invitation is to change the habits and behaviours - whether they are, as in the case of my friend and I, drinking caffeine or using energy in an unsustainable way, that are interfering with this transformation.What do you think: is the Earth going through energetic changes? Write in - I'd love to know.

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