Birthing the new male and the new female

Once in Italy, I was joined by some friends from England - a couple who had been travelling round Europe by camper van - and our Italian friend Giorgio. We were due to spend some time with his family near Venice and then drive from there to his native town of Trieste on the north east coast. There we would find ourselves a campsite, while Giorgio drove separately back to Trieste and returned to work (he was working as a research scientist at the university there). It was on this trip that we encountered some challenges.The sun was burning down. It was hot in the van. After a few hours of driving everyone was tired, over-heated and in need of a swim. When the sat nav failed to deliver us to the campsite that Giorgio had suggested, instead of taking it in his stride, my male friend lost his temper and began shouting at his partner, effectively blaming her for the situation which we found ourselves in. And he had chosen not to take on board the information that my Italian friend was texting through to us - and the suggestions that myself and my friend were making - though it transpired that some of this information would have helped us find a solution. The subtext was that he had wanted to succeed at delivering the females safely to the campsite - by himself - and when he was frustrated in this attempt, his ego simply wouldn't allow him to deal with it constructively. So his partner, in an attempt to placate him, chose to simply swallow all the fury he was hurling at her and instead told him how well he was doing. Though part of me was mildly entertained at the scene, it was sad to see my male friend exhibiting so much what I call 'old male' behaviour and his partner, who I loved and respected very much, choosing to take so much of it on energetically.Anyway at times, I would be 'given' certain bits of information that I knew could help ease the situation. But even when you know what's 'meant to happen', sometimes personality issues playing out in others (and sometimes in ourselves) mean that the situation will not be given the chance to unfold as it was 'intended'. And that was what was happening here. Sometimes I had little choice but to get entirely out of the way, even though I sometimes knew the 'answer'.We finally ended up in Slovenia - not our intended choice - and the sat nav delivered us not to the hostel we had programmed it to, but to a sliproad onto a busy motorway. There was little option now but to turn around and go back to Trieste. I had been getting a clear direction inside for some time for us to drive back to Trieste, park up, get Giorgio to meet us there and then drive in convoy to the recommended campsite - we were on our way (or at least I hoped we were)!As we finally drove back into Trieste, my consciousness was pricked towards an old cafe on our right and I was 'told' inside that it would be a good place for us to stop. My suggestion to this effect was, however, ignored. My male friend continued driving, attempting to find a parking space in the busy city. And after several minutes he finally found one. No-one was in the mood to talk and so my female friend made us all a cup of tea and we spent some time in silence. I was given an intuition to meet up with our Italian friend separately and then, when the time was right, get the four of us together and then allow him to guide us to the campsite. My felt sense took me across the road and I spied the perfect cafe for us to meet. And guess what? It was precisely the same cafe that I had seen earlier! I was just about to text Giorgio with the name of it when his call came through. We met up and he suggested the perfect place to cool down. And guess where he led me - to that very same cafe.I knew something significant was meant to happen for the four of us in this cafe. We had all been sorely tested by the situation - there had been some strange energies playing out also between the female and the male aspects of myself and Giorgio too - and my sense was that this was all about letting go of the 'old' male and the 'old' female energies and opening to the new, ie, a situation where the male (aspect of each of us) honoured and surrendered to the female (our intuitive sense) and, in service to her, courageously carried out her intuitions.I sensed that there was something profoundly alchemical going on between the four of us. And I decided to simply 'let go' inside and allow it to happen. This involved letting go of any last vestige of righteousness, superiority or any attachment to outcome.From there, things started to fall miraculously into place. I suggested that we all go have a cool drink at the cafe. And this time there was no objection. And as we walked towards it, the lights changed, the traffic came to a standstill. Even the city clock chimed six in that moment. And once inside the cafe, our conversation took on an energy of its own. As if every word had a meaning. We all, somehow, let go of our standpoints and surrendered (or at least that's what I anticipated was happening).It was kind of like in that moment we were letting go of the old male and the old female ways of relating to each other. And somehow helping to birth the new male and the new female energies - which is something I feel is playing out on a wider scale at the moment in the world. It felt like something very powerful and very real had been birthed in that moment. And that I'd learnt something precious. Well worth a few hours of discomfort in my eyes!