Sunrise or sunset?

I was on my way 'up North' to moderate a two-day conference a couple of weeks ago. The landscape was devastatingly beautiful all the way up (I was on the train) and it refreshed my spirit. But much of the land - perhaps as much as a third of it in some sections - was under water and in places, rivers had formed where there were none before. And this was not in one stretch of the country alone. It was for much of the way up.Something struck me as deeply poignant about this. I felt a deep sense of loss, loss of the Earth (or for the Earth?) And as I gazed out of the window I was struck also by the deep beauty of this time, at least as I see it. It's like in each breath we are being invited to adapt to so much change, to open to so much transformation within ourselves - and to let go of so much that we have taken for granted for most of our lives. It's like we are witnessing the sun setting on the old at the same time as it is rising on a new world - we're experiencing sunrise and sunset at the same time! And right now, I don't know about you, but I can see and feel the beauty of both, simultaneously. So much that it moves me to tears (surprise, surprise!)Anyway, synchonistically, as I was gazing on this scene, I switched on my iPlayer and this chant, which I don't remember ever putting into my iTunes library, nor ever hearing before (can anyone help me here?) began to play. Apart from the man's voice being deeply resonant and beautiful, somehow something about the melody seemed to sum up this sense of letting go of the old as we open to the new world - a world that we can't even see yet in the physical, but many of us feel is coming. If I were to make a film about these times (anyone game to have a go?) this would be the soundtrack... Have a listen. P.S. It sounds best in stereo. play chant

Ascension, GeneralTonya