What would it take for you to slow down?

What would it take for you to slow down,To slow down enough to hear your own heart beatOr to feel the air caress your nostrils on its inward journey to your lungs?What would it take for you to slow down enough to hear the earth breathe?To feel the way a camellia feels when she's weighted down with freshly fallen rain?From this place, I can feel the joy of all existence.As I dissove into this moment,I can feel the depth and breadth of all creation.And from here, it feels like there's nothing to do,But to sinkDeeper into this instant. Deeper into beingness.From here, I ask, 'What is this moment wanting?'And I let the answer drop into my awarenessLike a droplet of dew falls from a leaf into a puddle below.Sometimes it's nothing. Sometimes I am just to stay in the stillness.And sometimes, there's something for me to do to help birth the new, to help the next moment to unfold,In some small way.But I'll only know, if I've allowed my awarenessFirst, to drop into this place.

General, Joy, PoemsTonya