Day 7 - Detox diary countdown

Moo-ve over, cow's milk!Have you ever considered how unusual it is for us to drink cow's milk, when so many of us are weaned on mother's milk? These two milks were 'designed' for two different species! One reason why so many of us have a lactose intolerance – many of us, that we don't even know about!Sometimes, a programme like this can highlight such an intolerance – and should you choose to make use of this kind of information and change your diet long-term as a result, all those mysterious aches and pains, the bloating that you may have experienced or chesty coughs you were prone to, could simply disappear.So today, let's go back to our fridges and take out all the dairy products, including cow's milk (and milk from any other animal for that matter, though goat's milk is a bit easier than cow's for the human body to digest)! Maybe, as a treat, have one last glass of it (does it really taste that good?) before offering the rest to your neighbour or housemate.Dairy products are known to build up mucous in the body – which has its part in creating the conditions for many degenerative diseases to take hold in the body. Just think how good you're going to feel in a few weeks' time if you take it out of your diet?Make sure you have rice milk or almond milk on hand, so you're not tempted to swig a glass of the dairy stuff. They don't taste quite the same, but are delicious and easy to get used to. You can even make your own almond milk, easily and inexpensively (google it - you'll be glad you did!) And instead of butter or margarine, drizzle a little good quality cold-pressed oil on your rye bread and you'll be doing your body a favour.Tomorrow we take out wheat and gluten