Day 10 - Detox diary countdown

Are we ready to begin? Today, we're going to 'detox' our food cupboards by taking out everything that is not 'allowed' on the programme (I hesitate to call it a 'diet', with all the word's negative connotations. For me, a diet is undertaken specifically to lose weight; with this programme, the intention is to be good to the self, become more healthy in body, mind and spirit – with any weight loss a side issue).So, start by getting yourself a nice big box from the supermarket, go to your food cupboard and fill it with anything not on the programme. Put simply, that's anything with artificial additives in it. Start looking at the labels - you'll be surprised just how many 'e numbers' and subtly-disguised chemicals sneak in there without you looking.Once it's packed up, put it away somewhere out of sight, for retrieval sometime after you resume 'normal eating' (which may be never, as you'll start to feel so good). And while you're at it, go through your fridge and freezer and bin/ recycle as appropriate anything of the same ilk. I know it feels like a terrible waste, but when you think of what ingesting these additives is doing to your body (effectively lining your gut with toxins and in the long-term contributing to everything from feelings of lethargy to bloating to mood swings) you won't give it another thought!Now you have nothing in the house to tempt you when you have 'one of those moments'!Tomorrow: replenishing our stocks with healthy foods