An angel speaks

The angel of integrity appeared to me yesterday. Well, it wasn't quite like that. One of my deck of angel cards (which I use from time to time to give me inspiration) - the integrity card - appeared out of the blue on my desk.Now when something like this happens, there's typically a clear link with some issue in my life, but with this one there was nothing. I scanned my consciousness. Was there anywhere in my life I was behaving in a way that was not in my highest integrity? Nothing was immediately obvious.Later that day I had a meeting scheduled that I'd be having second thoughts about - I had a clear sense that it would be like 'wading into treacle', energetically. However, the day flowed and it fit perfectly into my day, so I felt that it was somehow 'meant to be'. Sure enough though, I suffered as a result of meeting up with this person: my solar plexus energy became distorted, my tonsils slightly sore and my mind took on a confused energy that it hadn't had before.This morning, I 'got it'. The angel card wasn't about integrity in the way I had interpreted it. It was about the integrity of my energy field.Some people think (and I share this opinion) that a physical cold can be the body's way of reacting when we have taken on too many physical-level toxins. Well, what I was getting was that when we take on too many emotional-level, energetic or psychic toxins - from others, typically - we can get similar effects - in my case, typically inflamed tonsils and sometimes a mild fever, though it can affect any bodily system - a pattern that was started in my teens and that has recently reoccured.What I was being told on some level, here, however, was that it wasn't so much about avoiding situations where I could take on others' emotions/ feelings/ energies, it was more about realising that I had the choice to assert the integrity of my energy field. That's what the angel card was all about. Developing a stronger energetic immunity.And I was getting another message: It's not our job, even, or especially, as energy medicine practitioners and 'healers', to 'carry' others energetically - if we do, that means that they can't do their job or learn the 'lesson' implicit in the situation, because we're doing it for them. It's a subtle thing. The task is to check within, for instance on whether a meeting is 'meant' (and if it is, to go along and be vigilant - watching things energetically and take any appropriate actions in the moment) or whether it is not what we are being guided to do - in which case, it is our duty to decline!It's about learning 'engaged detachment' or 'detached compassion' - something that many of us, as therapists and empaths, may find challenging but that is one of the characteristics of the consciousness humanity is moving into - the consciousness of what many refer to as the Aquarian Age.What's your experience on energetic integrity, either as a healer or otherwise? Write in and join the debate!