Day 20 - Detox diet plan

Well done, sportIt's the penultimate day of the detox diet plan - and all I've really got to say is - well done! Tomorrow, day 21 (I can hear the fanfare already), we'll be reintroducing our first food/ drink.I'm keen to hear how you've found the programme. So write in and let me know. I'm intending to write a book about the benefits of detoxification for mind, body and spirit, based on the experiences of the past few weeks. No publisher, yet, but very open to ideas! Your comments and own experiences would be very much appreciated and just might find their way into this.Also, I want to invite you to join me for my next detox programme... a liver and gall-bladder cleanse - in September. Stretching over a week, we will prepare the body over a period of days before undertaking the cleanse itself (as we did for the current detox programme). More about this nearer the time!It won't be too hard for regular blog readers to guess what I'm going to reintroduce into my diet tomorrow! See you then!