The 21-day detox... is it for me?

As I mentioned earlier this week, the 21-day detox plan consists of gradually taking out of the diet all those foods – and drinks – that 'fight' with the body, ie, anything that's unnatural and hence difficult for the body to digest.The ten days before the diet begins (ie, from tomorrow) we use to psychologically and physically prepare for our new way of eating and drinking. And, as they say here in the UK, 'forewarned is forearmed' – as we count down to the full detox plan, we'll discuss all the things to watch out for – the tiredness that can befall us in the first few days as our body's detox systems kick into action, the detox headaches as we learn to cope without caffeine... And we'll explore ways to anticipate cravings for the things we love that aren't on the programme... and have snacks and healthy treats in store for the moments when the temptation becomes a little too strong.Then, from the 10th countdown day – Wednesday April 13th, the detox diet itself begins.For 21 days we'll be living on a very healthy, balanced mix of foods, but without meat, fish, dairy products, wheat and gluten products, sugar, alcohol or artificial additives of any kind. There'll be tips to support you when you find it all a bit much, and ways to treat yourself (I've a great recipe for marzipan balls - when you feel you could really do with some chocolate.And if you need more support or detox advice while you're on the diet, email me and I'll see what I can do to help.Tomorrow, we clear out the cupboards and the 10-day countdown begins