Day 8 - Detox diet plan

Juice it up!It's a bank holiday here in the UK - and what better time to get the juicer out?Juicing is one sure way to fill yourself with zing. Due to the time constraints of our normal weekdays, however, for all its benefits, it's often too much of an ordeal to assemble the juicer then, once your juice is prepared, clean it and put it all away again.Today, at the risk of making an enemy of your friends and family, who want to take you out on an exciting excursion, you could decide to make a JUICE DAY!I have added some of my favourite juices to the recipe page. You can also make your own (bearing in mind that fruit and vegetables are best kept apart due to their acid and alkali natures, which have a tendency to 'fight' in the stomach) - except for apples and carrots, which you can pretty much mix with anything.HAPPY HOLIDAYS!