Day 3 - extra: Sunday night prep

I know it's a short week this week, with Easter and all that, but it'll feel like a long one if you're unprepared. After all, as I may have said already, forewarned is forearmed.The idea here is, if you're not lucky enough to work from home, to prepare your lunch for the first couple of days today. You'll need more energy than you would on a normal week, so make sure it's packed full of nutrition! And packed full of treats for those moments when you might otherwise be tempted to take advantage of the coffee machine!A rice or quinoa salad in a tupperware, sprinkled with Liquid Aminos sauce is a good bet, with a sandwich bag of nuts, raisins and toasted seeds. You can also prepare yourself some tasty Marzipan Balls (see the recipes page) and pack in a couple of Sesame Snaps for good measure.A flask of your favourite brew - dandelion coffee is good for coffee lovers, or a herbal tea will keep you going for most of the day. And don't forget your rice milk (or soya milk if you need your drink to look like milky tea or coffee)! Or, after this morning's discussion, your bottle of mineral water to swig throughout the day.The idea is that, whenever you get hungry or thirsty throughout the day, you nibble your nuts or swig your homemade tea or water. And when those cravings for something not on the diet come (as you can be sure they will) you have something tasty to distract you!