DAY 2 - 21-day detox plan

Finding the balanceWe've already talked about the importance of finding good sources of plant-based protein on this diet. Today we look at finding the right balance of other essential nutrients on our detox diet.This 21-day detox is intended to form the template of a lifelong healthy eating plan. This can only be so, however, if we keep half an eye on balancing our daily meal-plans according to certain vital nutrients, all of which are in the shopping list.This means selecting a wide variety of foods from certain food groups - proteins, carbohydrate, essential fats and oils, fibre, vitamins and minerals, phyto or plant-based chemicals and antioxidants every day.There is no need to be fanatical about this – once your body adjusts to a toxin-free diet, it will soon tell you what it wants and needs (and on this diet, as long as it's on the shopping list, you can eat as much of it as you like – within reason of course). This weekend would be an ideal time to do a little research on these different food groups. There's plenty of useful information out there - but use your discrimination!I've put in a couple of days' worth of meal plans here to help you get started. Any questions? Write in and I'll see if I can help.--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------NB: Be kind to yourself today! It's quite 'normal' to experience 'withdrawal symptoms' like headaches and tiredness at this stage in the proceedings and cravings for foods not on the list. Be prepared! Listen to your body - rest and give yourself positive, loving messages of reassurance! You'll be glowing with health and boundless energy in a few days!--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tomorrow, we talk about the vital ingredient of water.