Day 14 - Detox diet plan

Stop checkEnvironmental toxins are one of the more subtle energy thieves in our lives. Excessive noise, environmental poisons and allergy-provoking chemicals in our air and water all affect us to varying degrees.Environmental hazards that the body has to overcome (each of which puts strain on the liver, the body's main detoxification organ) include aluminium from antiperspirants, pots and pans; anabolic steroids; antibiotics; cadmium and lead in cigarette smoke; cleaning solvents; mercury from fillings in teeth; non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs; oestrogens from oral contraceptives and HRT; pesticides and herbicides (DDT, DDB, dioxins and halogenates like PCB and PCP which act as oestrogen mimics and can mess with our reproductive systems), as well as solvents like formaldehyde, acetone and toluene.Why not do some research into some of the environmental toxins that may be affecting you and your family? The object is not to become extreme and reactionary and banish everything unnatural - at least not at once. It's just a matter of becoming aware and gradually taking informed decisions from what feels right to you and your loved ones.Tomorrow: we discuss lifestyle toxins