Struck dumb with love

I have been struck dumb with love.I'm shaking from my heart to my fingertips.I look into the eyes of an old man and weep with his beauty.I am struck like a bolt to the heart with love for this stranger.I love him for his fragility, his humanity, his tenderness.I reach a hand out to him, and he is lifted up.I am shown at every turn who I am to connect with, what I am to do, when I am to rest and when I am to sleep.And when I allow my heart to lead me magic happens, fairy dust shimmers in every moment.I feel blessed in every cell of my being.As I surrender I am told 'surrender again'.As I allow myself to simply unfoldAll falls into place, on a deeper and deeper level.I have no need of anyone or anythingJust to surrender and to feel this Grace.Hot tears roll down my cheeks as I realiseHow blessed I am.