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It's exciting for me, because I'm now doing the work that I always knew I'd be doing – or at least since my late teens.I took a psychology degree, trained in holistic therapies and became a co-counselling teacher early on, so that I could work with people on self- and spiritual development. And I took a postgraduate course in journalism so that I could write about what I learnt and knew and 'get it out there'.Since then I've had a dual career: as magazine editor/ journalist and as therapist and workshop facilitator.All the way along I've been doing a lot of work on myself, but more recently I have experienced shifts in consciousness and energetic changes within my body-mind that have equipped me more fully for healing and coaching work.So now I feel I'm more ready to help others in their process of unfoldment. Either in inspiring them on their journey or giving them a helping hand. Because however rocky the path ahead gets, it's my belief that we have all the tools we need inside – we just sometimes need a little help finding them!My wish is that little white feather will become a place people come for inspiration and upliftment. I'd always be happy to hear your ideas about how I can make this a reality!Drop me a line at to find out more.

Is it just me, or is there a kind of global awakening taking place: a 'shift' where more of us are waking up to our true potential?This process, which has been forecast for some time, has been termed 'the shift of the ages' and has, I think, been catalysed by the rather challenging situation we find ourselves in – a global 'crisis' created by scarce resources, environmental changes and crunched credit, to name a few things!In my work as a therapist and coach, I see manifestations of this shift in the people I meet. Many are experiencing increased 'synchronicity' in their lives, and coincidences they can't explain away. Some are freaked out by this and find the changes they are experiencing strange and out of their control. From where I see it, however, these changes are a 'normal' part of the waking-up process and to be celebrated, not feared.It's simple physics. We're much more powerful than we allow ourselves to be. When we start to open to this fact – when we effectively 'plug ourselves in at the mains' - we become more of who we have been all along.I've created little white feather with a dual aim. First, to provide one-to-one coaching sessions, therapies and workshops, often employing the powerful tools of play and laughter, to assist people in this process. Second, to offer inspiration along the way, through interviews, videos, blogs and my Facebook page (click button, above right). You can also sign up to the monthly email newsletter (right) or follow me on twitter (click button, above right).I also have a communications business.Why littlewhitefeather? In new age folklore, if you spot a white feather in your path, it's an indication that you're on the right track. It's also great for tickling!Give Tonya a call on +44 (0)791 900 6845 to find out more.

Yes, life can be a serious business. And with issues like those mentioned on our home page around, it's sometimes hard to find much to laugh about.But lightening up about the things that trouble us – learning to 'play' with them - can give us the resources we need to deal with them. Somehow something alchemical happens and a space forms inside, enabling a shift to take place.From a practical point of view, laughter has been shown to boost our immune systems, give the heart and lungs a workout, raise levels of serotonin in the brain, combating depression, improve mental function, helping us to learn and retain information more effectively, give the brain a refreshing mini-break, boosting problem-solving ability and improve digestion.As a 'laughter facilitator', I run fun days and laughter sessions at all kinds of venues - from kids' parties to coffee shops, old people's homes to multinational corporations! I also run Live Your Joy and The Power of play workshops, in which you can experience how being in a state of joy brings you more fully alive, enhancing creativity and helping you unfold into more of who you are.Give Tonya a call on +44 (0)791 900 6845 to find out more.

The Delight MakerscolourfulSam Koshare Edouardes' idea for UK-based charity, the Delight Makers, came together after a Native American Indian Vision Quest ceremony in which she was given a vision 'to unite beautiful wisdom from around the world and share it with as many people as possible'. The Delight Makers' mission became to create projects that all people can participate in and benefit from - projects that unite nations, races, genders, generations and cultures; projects that are simply about what Sam calls 'Big Love'.'All cultures have created pathways to a higher state of consciousness,' explains Sam. 'They can appear very different on the surface, but at the core the truth is always the same. So, this vision is one of uniting the ancient with modern, east with west, magical with scientific - to bring the essential truth of oneness to light, and unite us in that light. Delight is the key to making the mysterious accessible to all, to reaching the Delight Maker inside.'Sam's journeyHow Sam tells it is that around 13 years ago her 'spirit broke free' and she turned her back on the life she had, 'leaving behind a successful career in IT and a high standard of living. My true passion was exploring consciousness and understanding our potential as creators of reality. I started an amazing journey of discovery exploring the wisdoms of the ancients along with the most cutting edge developments in self awareness and empowerment.'At a key point in the journey I met a wonderful Native American Chief and shaman and went on a Vision Quest with him. The question I travelled with was, “How can I help turn all of this accumulated wisdom into practical benefit for the world and as many people as possible?”"I had a profound and magical experience,' says Sam. 'In the Vision Quest the many elements of my previous years of exploration began to form into projects for peace, unity and awakening. The essence was wisdom sharing through joyous celebration and participation in the co-creation of beauty, laughter and delight.'My response was The Delight Makers, an organisation which I then founded, dedicated to developing those projects and many more into the future. The Native American Chief named the organisation; it is the best translation he could make for his culture’s description of the universe, or what some may call God: the Great Delight Maker. In that worldview, all living beings have the same essence of evolving and expanding in creative diversity; all contributing to the whole, to the universal wonder. One of the special gifts of humanity is that we have the self-awareness to choose what we are going to create and make in the world. The amount of energy is the same, so why choose misery when we can choose love, joy and delight?'There’s a pervasive unspoken affirmation going on in society that says things are more valuable than our own being,' she says. 'This undervaluing of ourselves has become a cornerstone of poverty consciousness; it’s the lie that keeps reinforcing the belief that we are not enough just as we are; that somehow our love is not enough. I feel that if you made it here, to this life, then you are by definition enough. You are part of the universe, already validated and the world could only be less by your absence.'Not surprisingly, one of The Delight Makers' core messages, which comes from an ancient wisdom, is "that prosperity be measured by the level of laughter in the world’s children." 'I want to do something to evolve our definition of wealth, to return it to love and laughter,' says Sam. 'I sense this will transform the pain and suffering that our obsession with “price, cost and material value” is causing to every element of life on our planet - from children, education, communities, the elderly, animal welfare and nature herself. I would love to see a world governed by love - with humanity’s heart put back in the driving seat of our destiny. We have the power to do this now.'The Delight Makers have a number of projects in development, 'all of which are based in wisdom sharing through fun, joy, inspiration and the realisation of each person’s value within the tapestry of life', says Sam. 'Our first project of course started with the children. It is a film-based project called A Thousand Grandparents and Bed Time Stories; the pilot phase is complete and we are preparing to go into full production shortly.'Visit The Delight Makers here. Or watch this interview with Sam to find out more about her vision for A Thousand Grandparents & Bed Time Stories here.

Outside the Boxchrissie actionA few years ago, my dear friend, film-maker and presenter Chrissie van Wijk and I had an idea - to create a portal and a series of video interviews to showcase how people were living and working 'within the new paradigm'.Several years later, Chrissie, now living in New Zealand, has given birth to this idea, in the form of the web-based TV show Outside the Box. Good on ya, Chrissie!The show will explore how life will look 'once the revolution in consciousness that UK comedian, turned political commentator Russell Brand talks about has actually taken place'.In the series she explores what it will be like to move 'from a society based on disharmony to one based on sustainability'. In Outside the Box, she says, 'we will be looking at where we are now - and where we will be after a revolutionary shift has taken place'. This will include looking into politics, the monetary system, corporations, education and relationships...You can view the trailer here. Outside the Box can also be found on Facebook.

The goal of the workshops I run is to help people change and grow - not by kicking and screaming, but hopefully in a fun and enjoyable way!I teach co-counselling, a simple and empowering tool for developing emotional resilience and working on issues in your life (and one of the few spaces you can feel comfortable about having a full-blown tantrum after the age of about nine years old).I also run day workshops on ‘Living from your Core’, 'Unfolding into Light', Tools for Transformation: levels 1-5, ‘Authentic Power’, 'Creating health', 'An Attitude of Gratitude', 'A Space of Grace', 'Honouring the female; honouring the male' and several workshops related to laughter and play.See my Events page for dates.For more information on any of these workshops,drop Tonya a line at

As ‘laughter leader’ Kit Hammond Stapely memorably says, ‘anything you can laugh at you can heal yourself of!’ (she’s not just talking illness here, but any life situation). And she should know – she attributes her recovery from a five-year bout of ‘terminal cancer’ (she has now survived both of her oncologists) to the power of play and laughter.We can learn to take our sense of fun with us anywhere! I was recently invited to facilitate a debate at a Europe-wide conference in Hungary (considering these were senior leaders in the healthcare IT profession looking at ways to serve an increasingly elderly population at a time of economic pressure, a verrrrry serious affair!) I felt, ‘in the moment’, to introduce some ‘innovative technology’ of my own (tee hee!), which really changed the chemistry of the situation.Power of Play workshops are all about learning to play with the situations in our life that we find difficult to deal with. Roberto Benigni taught us a thing or two about this in the film Life is Beautiful (he was dealing with the dehumanisation of being stripped and shorn for the gas chamber). We can use the alchemical power of play to transform everything from a job interview to a first date – and it’s a particularly useful skill to master at these times of social unrest, economic pressure, diminishing resources and global epidemics.The next Power of Play workshop runs on May 20, 2017, in Somerset.Give Tonya a call on +44 (0)791 900 6845 to find out more.

I provide a worldwide one-to-one coaching service for those who want to unfold more fully into who they are - and particularly those who seek to find the opportunity in the challenges in their life and want to learn to expand rather than to contract in times of pain, trauma and change. I also work as part of a worldwide team of spiritual facilitators with the Openhand Foundation. You can read more about the service I provide here.One-to-one work can often be conducted on skype, as an alternative to physically meeting (though it is often beneficial to do the first session in person). Though I can assure those that are looking to work with me from outside the UK that this work can be just as effective on skype as it is in person.I also give therapeutic treatments, whether you are unwell or your wellbeing tanks simply need refueling and have professional qualifications in a number of holistic therapies including emotional freedom techniques ('EFT' or 'tapping'), Reiki and massage therapy. I find that physical treatments can be as powerful as talking therapies in facilitating change and healing - it is really just a matter of what is appropriate for you.Please drop me a line at to discuss which approach might work best for you and I'll answer as soon as I can!

A many-faceted day workshop looking at how we can learn to picture ourselves in the positive, creating the very best of mental, physical and emotional health. We use art, role play and celebrational techniques to create a picture of health in our lives.Give me a call on +44 (0)791 900 6845 to find out more

find-your-inner-lightFinding it hard to shake a low mood, or simply dreading the oncoming winter and like some tools to help you through? Find Your Inner Light: A Complete 21-Day Plan for Mild Depression and S.A.D. will give you tools to get you jump-started and to help you kick the condition in the bud.From identifying your personal ‘wellbeing five-a-day’ and incorporating them into your daily life, to learning to contradict the negative self-talk that maintains the low mood, this e-book has the tools to inspire and nurture you, helping you find a source of inner sunshine to keep you going even when skies are grey.‘In our current climate-of-change we need to find a source of joy and wellbeing that is independent of the weather, the changing seasons, the political climate… anything external,’ says author Tonya Stewart, a transformational coach. ‘And that is what this e-book is about.’‘This 21-day programme gives you bite-size chunks of practical advice, tips and exercises to strengthen and motivate you each day. You might like to ‘pick and mix’ the daily tips – some will work for you, some won’t… but hopefully they will have a cumulative effect.‘We’ll be looking at the role of exercise, food, connecting with nature and our relationships in kicking the feel-good chemicals in our body-mind systems into action. We’ll be learning some new techniques for meditation and for mindfulness. We’re also going to spend some time looking at the ‘higher purpose’ of S.A.D. and depression – if there is one – and how we can use the experience to learn and grow – to consciously evolve in some way (because that, if we’re honest, is what it’s all about).’So whether you’re experiencing mild depression from a relationship break-up, finding the world we live in a little too character-forming and its affecting your mood, or you’re a regular S.A.D. sufferer and want to find tools that will help you face the oncoming winter, this 36-page e-book may be just what you need.Those who buy the e-book also gain a discounted place on our annual e-programme, Find Your Inner Light (starts December 2nd, see Events section). <3

DOORS CLOSING SOON ON EARLY BIRD RATE FOROUR 3-MONTH CO-COUNSELLING MASTERY PROGRAMMEWanting to get back into co-counselling, but lost confidence in your skills? Ready to commit to a refresher course, but can't find one nearby? Now, regardless of where you are in the world - you can refresh your skills without even leaving your sofa!With our Co-Counselling Mastery Programme: Refresh Your Skills and Build an Effective Practice Online, you'll get a regular online class (four Thursday evenings in January, February and March 2018), daily support on our dedicated Facebook group and a personalised online library where you can access course materials and further resources.There's also free or subsidised entry (depending on which package you choose) to our popular, sell-out event for co-counsellors  in London, March 24 & 25), where you can meet course participants and other members of the worldwide co-counselling community and practise your new skills with them.You'll get a range of benefits not found in our in-person Refresher, including new tools to help you co-co confidently online; tools for creating community and a new module on the growing role of co-counselling and peer support in our society.People have reported improved relationships, a greater sense of fulfilment and wellbeing and better results and happier work and creative lives after this programmes in the past. Some have told us that others have noticed a positive change in them and their behaviour.Sign up by Friday January 12th and you get to take advantage of our special rates. There are also three limited-availability 'course & coaching' spaces to be snapped up. Places are strictly limited on this programme, so if you're interested in taking part, please contact us without delay.Sign up here for a free Co-Counselling Mastery Session with Tonya and to find out if the programme is a fit for you. You can also request to join our new, dedicated Facebook group here where we'll be giving away a free space every month until the course begins. And if you're interested to know about our new online co-counselling training (Autumn 2018) or our Facilitator training, starting in the spring, just mention it in your call with Tonya!

WELCOME TO YOUR CO-COUNSELLING MASTERY PROGRAMMECongratulations! You’re accepted onto the Co-Counselling Mastery Programme. I know you’re excited to get started and so are we! We are committed to doing everything possible to help you get confidence in your co-counselling skills and to use them to gain increased fulfilment and wellbeing in your life. Also to become an active and fulfilled member of the worldwide co-counselling community.To get started right now, just watch this welcome video.[beneath the embedded video]


Be sure to first listen completely through the Co-Counselling: Become Your Own Life Coach and Co-Counselling: A Tool for our Times trainings if you haven’t already, as these are the foundational skills for this course.


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  • Training calls are at 7 am BST two Thursdays per month for 90-120 minutes (Please make a note of the call schedule on the Classes page). All calls will be recorded and posted there.
  • The only exception will be the first call, Thursday January 18th, which will start at 6.30 pm BST and last 120-180 minutes (with a short interval in the middle).
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If you are on the Course & Coaching package, you have free or special-rate monthly coaching sessions with Tonya while on the programme to get individualised support on your journey. You can schedule these as needed; however your sessions expire March 30, 2018. Coaching Prep Forms are due 24 hrs in advance of each session. 24 hrs advance notice is required for cancellations.Details for booking your Private Coaching Sessions can be found under the Coaching tab. 

THE SOUL GIFTS PROGRAMME 2018/19SOUL GIFTS RETREAT, GLASTONBURY, MARCH 29-31The Soul Gifts Retreat will be held at The Miracles Room in Glastonbury.  This will be the group's working space for the entire Soul Gifts Retreat weekend.Located above the Margaret Kimber shop (pictured above), the venue address is First Floor, The Glastonbury Experience Courtyard, 2-4 High Street, Glastonbury, BA6 9DU.We will meet for our opening session at 5 pm GMT on Friday March 29, 2019. Please feel free to turn up from 4.30 pm and make your way to the kitchen, where a warm welcome and a cup of tea will await!The group will meet again at The Miracles Room the next morning at 9 am for a prompt 9.30 am start and we expect to finish at around 4.30 pm on the Saturday so that you all have time to enjoy Glastonbury and get some good quality rest and integration time before our Sunday activities.Sunday, we will again start around 9.30 am and will have our closing circle around 4.30 pm, so that we can all be on our way by 5.30 pm.A delicious vegan lunch will be provided both days. There will be the option of joining the rest of the group for an evening meal on the first night (Friday) at one of the excellent vegetarian/ vegan restaurants in the town. You will be expected to meet your own costs for this meal and all meals outside course hours. There will also be the option to join the group for an evening meal on the Sunday, for those staying on in Glastonbury after the retreat.Those experiencing financial limitations should ask Tonya about the bursary fund that has generously been donated for this purpose (though this of course is also limited).For those travelling in by car and wanting a place to park in the day, Silver Street car park is a good option (at £5 for 9 hours). As far as I'm aware, there is free parking on the high street for an hour Friday - Saturday and unlimited free parking there on a Sunday (but please double-check the signs where you choose to park). There is also free parking at Morrisons car park, a few minutes walk from the venue, but this is capped at three hours. 

THE SOUL GIFTS PROGRAMME 2019/20DATES FOR YOUR DIARIES*The Soul Gifts Programme 2019/20 will kick off on the evening of Thursday December 5th 2019 with a group session on Zoom. We will have two group sessions a month most months throughout the seven-month programme.Those that are on the group & individual  and individual programmes will then have an additional one or two 1-to-1 Soul Gifts coaching sessions each month (depending upon what has been arranged with Tonya) - Tonya will contact you directly to confirm a regular slot with you.The 4-day Soul Gifts Retreat (included in your programme if on the individual and group & individual programmes) will take place in Glastonbury on the weekend of  12-15 March, 2020. A £99 (E113; $127 US; $168 Canadian) seat deposit will be required to reserve your place on this - which will be returned to you when you arrive at the venue on 12 March. All those attending the retreat should factor in costs of their own accommodation and travel and meals outside course hours.There will be an additional fee payable for those on the group programme who wish to attend the Soul Gifts retreat (plus the seat deposit). Please reserve your space with Tonya as soon as possible (places strictly limited so please book early).The dates for group sessions on Zoom are as follows:2019:December Thursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm GMT, December 5 and 19, 20192020:January Thursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm GMT, January 16 and 30FebruaryThursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm GMT, February 13 and 27MarchThursday evening 7-8.30/9 pm GMT, March 26AprilThursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm BST, April 9 and 23MayThursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm BST, May 7 and 21JuneThursday evenings 7-8.30/9 pm BST, June 4 and 18July'BONUS' call, 7-8.30/9 pm BST, Thursday July 30Dates subject to change, but we will notify you of these changes and give you as much notice as possible.

FACILITATOR FOUNDATION PROGRAMME 2019FACILITATOR RETREAT, LONDON, JULY 11-14Our Facilitator Retreat will be held at The Bonnington Centre, London.  This will be the group's workspace for the entire four days.Located above the Bonnington Centre Cafe (where we will be eating lunch together on each of the course days), the venue address is 11 Vauxhall Grove, London, SW8 1TD.We will meet for our opening session at 10.30am on Thursday July 11. Please feel free to turn up from 10 am and make your way to the kitchen, where a warm welcome and a cup of tea will await! The group will meet again at 11.30 am for a prompt 12 noon start on Friday July 12. We expect to finish between 3 and 4 pm on the first two days (meeting up for the first time as a group, in person, can be quite an intense experience and so we have decided to build in plenty of integration time).Saturday and Sunday we will be joined by co-counselling teachers Gilli Gladman (also a qualified body psychotherapist) and Sue Gray, founder of the Peer Support Network (PSN) (Saturday only). These will be the most intensive days of the retreat and we expect to start at around 10 am and finish at around 5pm on both days.A delicious vegetarian/ vegan lunch (main meal only) will be provided for you on all retreat days. If you wish to have a starter as well, or a dessert, this will be at your own expense. There will be the option of joining the rest of the group for an evening meal after the course on the Saturday (time and place to be confirmed). You will be expected to meet your own costs for this and for all meals outside course hours.If the group would like to arrange an evening meal on any of the other days that we meet, that is of course an option.Looking forward to seeing you on Thursday to kick off what I hope will be an inspirational and life-changing few days.If you have any practical or logistical queries about the retreat, please contact Lucy. For enquiries about course activities, please speak to Tonya. We're looking forward so much to welcoming you!For those travelling to the Centre by car, there is ample free parking  in Bonnington Square on weekends. In the week, however, I believe it is residents' parking only, so public transport might be a better option on the Thursday and Friday. Please post any queries either below or on our FB page.