Day 9: 21-day conscious cleanse:It's not only Davina from the TV, whose second name escapes me just now, that's feeling the benefits of a sugar-free diet. Often, at this stage of the 21-day cleanse, many people find that their blood sugars are balancing out. Because we are not artificially sweetening things - and are discovering a often deeply satisfying natural sweetness in foods that we didn't know was there before - we leave behind that 'boom and bust' pattern of rocketing blood sugars followed by the deepest of dips.The reality is that when we take in additional sugar in our diets (in addition to the 'natural' sugars in many foodstuffs), whether it's in the form of a spoonful in our tea or simply eating a piece of cake or chocolate once in a while, we are really assenting to being taken on a daily rollercoaster ride of sorts. Having said that, I wouldn't advocate being too anal about all this. If we allow ourselves a treat once in a while - maybe a Sesame Snap or two, it won't make that much difference on the cleanse! It's what we're learning about ourselves and our relationship to food that will make the difference in the end!Tomorrow we'll discuss how we can support ourselves better on the detox diet.