Day 7: 21-day conscious cleanseCorr!That's all I can say about some of the delicious salads you can make on the 21-day detox diet.Yes, you can start off with the typical lettuce and tomato affair. But the delights you can top it with! To me it always seems the perfect accompaniment to these balmy days of apple blossom and spring sunshine. Have you even thought about chunks of goat's cheese or feta (though we tend to avoid dairy/ animal products on the 21-day detox I sometimes allow myself a 'treat' once in a while)? Or cubes of toasted tofu splashed with tamari (gluten-free soy) sauce? A sprinkling of toasted hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and pine kernels (they're better toasted - and tend to develop the 'mmmmmmm' factor)? Grated cabbage, diced courgette, sliced onion? And most delectable of all (to me, who is a bit of an avocado fan)... a few scoops of avocado flesh, a sprinkling of freshly sprouted mung beans (look out for post on DIY sprouting later today), drizzled with cold-pressed seed oil..... mmmmm hmmmm!Of course as we move through spring into summer, it's the right time of the year for salads. It's the perfect time to expand your repertoire and create some new varieties! And their deliciousness and nutritiousness is limited only by your imagination!Tomorrow: let's get juicing!