Day 6: 21-day conscious cleansesleep in natureDon't know about you, but I'm starting to sleep better. And when I wake up, I feel more refreshed - with that 'clean feeling' inside. Though this morning, those clear blue skies could also have had something to do with it!And it's in moments like these that I find sticking to the cleanse a breeze - because motivation is high. But it's when part of me is saying 'Why am I doing this?' that I have to watch out. That's when I need to have something up my sleeve. Something to remind me of what a powerful thing I am doing for my body and being.That, for me, came yesterday. I was teaching in London and, rather synchronistically, almost everyone in the group I was teaching was working with or through how we use various things in life - from food to drink and other substances - to subdue our authentic emotions. And 'taking the lid off' this in this newly formed group brought a lot of soul to the surface - and magic began to happen! And because the whole group was watching and attentive to the choices they were making, in the moment, the choccy biccies that were sitting on the drinks table next to the herbal teas seemed to lose their appeal - for me at least. Why would you knowingly put a 'dead' food like that in your body when you have the alternative of a living, breathing salad, full of freshly burst beansprouts and raw vegetables (and, if truth be told, nourishing and feeding your body, mind and soul at the deepest level and supporting your unfolding into who you are at your core)? It's powerful stuff, isn't it, when you start to question at this level.So, this 21-day cleanse is really providing the perfect opportunity to look at these kinds of issues... to peel back the layers - and remind ourselves that we are laying the foundations for better health, vitality and expanded awareness for the year ahead. And that's not to be sniffed at. Without a regular cleanse, the body-mind can get that sluggish, 'tired-all-the-time' (TATT) feeling that, according to 'the experts', 70 per cent of us are said to suffer from. And that's worth sticking the 21 days out for, isn't it?And let me remind you that, though it may be difficult now, there will come a day when you'll be feeling so full of beans that you wouldn't think of spoiling it with the cup of coffee or nibble of chocolate that so attracts you now! So whenever you feel the need today to succumb to a treat that's not on the plan, I invite you to reach for your iPad instead and drop us a line. I know you're going to be glad that you persevered with the diet to the end, when we'll be celebrating our increased vitality and joy in being alive.Tomorrow: let's talk about salads!