Day 21: 21-day conscious cleanseWatts tea shop with JackieI cheated a bit on today's pic! This is a picture of me having my first cappuccino on the last day of our conscious cleanse a few years ago, with friend Jackie at a local tea shop near where I used to live. And boy, didn't it taste good!What is going to be the first thing you introduce into your diet today? I'd love to know. And don't leave it too long to let me know how you got on - and about any lasting effects you got from the 21-day detox programme!And, as I mentioned just yesterday, we're doing a gentler 'weekend detox' in June - to really set us up for summer! Join us! And best to get in touch sooner rather than later if you'd like to join us for the Little White Feather 21-day conscious cleanse online course, starting in March next year. You'll be able to buy the accompanying Kindle eBook when it's out, hopefully later this year.