Day 20: 21-day conscious cleansebanana milkshakeIt's the penultimate day of the detox diet plan - and all I've really got to say is - well done! Tomorrow, day 21 (I can hear the fanfare already), we'll be reintroducing our first food/ drink (just as we took out foods gradually at the beginning that were not part of the cleanse, we'll be reintroducing them in a similarly gentle way, to be as kind as we can on our systems).There's always the choice, as I've said before, however - if you, like me, feel healthier using the principles of the 21-day programme as the foundation for a lifelong healthy eating plan - to choose not to reintroduce those foods at all. As I said yesterday, my need for those foodstuffs - the caffeine, added sugar, wheat, the dairy products and any foods with artificial additives - seems to have gone and so I have made the choice not to have those things in my food cupboards and fridge. The meat and fish, for me, is a no-brainer (I wasn't eating those anyway).I'm keen to hear how you've found the programme. Please write in and let me know - even if it's just to suggest that we offer something a little less full-on next time. I'm intending to write a book (or at least an e-booklet) on the 21-day cleanse and the benefits I've found of detoxification for mind, body and spirit, based on the experiences of the past few weeks (and the four or five cleanses I have done annually before that). And I'm looking to supplement it with recipes for delicious, nutritious meals that can be prepared and eaten while on the cleanse.Those of you that have been following the cleanse, your comments and own experiences would be very much appreciated - so please feed them in... they just might find their way into this. And if you're interested in receiving a copy on the finished product, drop me a line and I'll let you know when it's out (certainly in time for next year's cleanse). There might even be an app for the 21-day programme!Also, I'd like to invite you to join me for our next cleansing programme... a basic one-day fruit fast in June (you'll notice how much clearer and full-of-mental-energy you'll feel the day after the fast) and a liver and gall-bladder cleanse in September. The latter will stretch over a week and, like the 21-day cleanse, we'll prepare the body over a period of days before undertaking the cleanse itself. More about this - and the benefits of the liver and gall-bladder cleanse - nearer the time! To make sure you're aware of any cleanses coming up in the Little White Feather diary, I'd suggest signing up to our monthly one-page newsletter, which you can do on the Little White Feather website or by emailing won't be too hard for regular blog readers to guess what I'm going to reintroduce into my diet tomorrow! See you then!