Day 19: 21-day conscious cleanserye snackOne thing that has come home to me more concretely than ever before, while on our 21-day cleanse this year, is how balanced I feel on a vegan, wholefood, mainly raw diet... eating foods as near to their natural state as possible (ie, unprocessed). It's also brought it home to me how much better I feel when I don't have added sugar in my diet and come to enjoy the natural sweetness in foods instead.Last weekend, staying with a dear friend in Brighton while finalising the venue of a course we're going to run there in September, that has been made doubly clear to Danish pastries. But you know what? Not once have I craved one of them myself. Somewhere along the line in the past few weeks (while on the cleanse), my blood sugars seem to have stabilised - I'm no longer subtly peaking and troughing on the blood sugar front, but am remaining fairly balanced throughout the day and so, the way I see it, I no longer crave these fast-food fixes. Not with any part of my being.And staying with my friend - herself a passionate vegan - has only served to inspire me further in my conscious food choices. And the exciting bit is that she may be providing the conscious cuisine on the aforementioned course for us - and other courses in the future, perhaps - which will power them up no end! So watch this space! And sitting down with her to eat on Sunday night, actually discussing the addictions, the pulls, the pushes of food, I felt deeply satisfied, knowing I was choosing a path away from these highs and lows towards the steady sustaining quality foods and drinks that enable me to be more fully me in each moment. True soul food.