Day 16: 21-day conscious cleanseTo feel healthy in our core selves, which is in my eyes a birthright, we need to enjoy healthy loving relationships. This is a core need at both the emotional and the spiritual level. The love we thrive on is the kind of love that does not judge us or require us to be one way or the other - what many people call unconditional love. We need it as fundamentally as plants need sunlight to grow. If we do not get it, or if our primary relationship is toxic for us in any way - we can become despirited, depressed and ill.Are you in a relationship that is unhealthy for you - one where you cannot be entirely yourself or express your thoughts, feelings and needs without fear, where you rarely get your needs met, where you are abused, manipulated or dominated? Of course, any connection that brings with it heavy emotional stress and generates anxiety, resentment and depression - it goes without saying - is unhealthy for us long term.I am not suggesting radical action, here. After all, those who feel a need to abuse energetically, verbally or physically, whether consciously or unconsciously, are often damaged children who have not yet found a way to heal themselves. It's just an awareness point.And of course, there is no point running away from the situation - there will be a reason for you to be where you are, something for you to work though - your side of the 'dynamic' for you to deal with.Perhaps enlist the help of a coach or counsellor to work through the issue, either with or without your partner or friend. Try and take an objective view. Whether you decide to do anything about it or not, at least you will have an awareness, and with this new viewpoint, you can begin to take positive changes - either in the way you react to the situation or in working through the issue with the other person, or in making some decisions about the people you choose to have in your life.