Day 15: 21-day conscious cleanseWith the mental clarity and increased energy that it brings, a detoxification diet is often a good time to assess your lifestyle - and make positive changes that will benefit you long-term. So today's question is - does your lifestyle suit you, or is there something, or several things, that are draining you of vital energy (or, to use the metaphor of the telly pictured in this post, is something affecting your reception, or causing interference)?This could be something as simple as sitting down in front of the television every night (is it really relaxing you as you think, or does it simply 'wind you up' so your nerves are all a-jangle and your sleep full of negative images?) Does your work make your heart sing, or do your colleagues sap you with their negative chatter, or the building you work in drain you?Set aside a time when you can spend some time alone. Light a candle, burn some incense... whatever you need to generate a pleasant atmosphere for you - and then make an assessment of what in your life gives you energy - and what takes it away.This is likely to be a revealing exercise - you may be surprised at what you find! Then make an action plan (if you're a checklist type of person) with how you're going to make the necessary changes in your life to affect you and your health for the better. You'll be glad you did! And remember to be gentle on yourself - Rome, as they say, wasn't built in a day!Tomorrow we take a look at toxic relationships!