Day 13: 21-day conscious cleanseDay 10 countdownI think I've said before that, when I've been selective about what I put in my body for a period of time, I tend to start to become discriminating about what I take in on other levels too.With my skincare and cleaning products, for instance. I start to look more carefully at the labels. A conversation I had with a friend on skype this morning is relevant here. We were (loosely) discussing the run of good weather we've been having in the UK. My friend, also a complementary therapist, told me that she'd put something out on Facebook challenging the use of conventional suncare products and had been taken to task by one reader (though was quickly able to substantiate her point and convince the reader of the benefits of reading the labels). It's all very well taking toxins out of your diet, but if you're spraying Factor 15 on your skin with abandon, the product will be going in through the skin and straight into your bloodstream, so you may as well be drinking it (I know I'm going a bit far here!)Has your thinking about toxins you've been taking in (other than food) been changing while on the diet? Would be great to hear.