Day 11: 21-day conscious cleansecruditesSo what do you do when you are on the move, working overseas, or hopping from town to town for work during the week? It becomes much more challenging to stick to the cleanse then, doesn't it? Unless of course, you're prepared. And so today we take a look at the quick-fix healthy snacks that you can take along, so you're forearmed in the face of temptation (like I wasn't yesterday... and ended up consuming just hot water and nibbling toasted seeds and nuts from a jar - because it was all I had on me!!!)It's important to always have something up your sleeve. Make homemade hummus (see recipe below) and put it in tupperwares in the fridge. Each morning chop up a few peppers, apples, celery and carrot sticks - and you're away! Pack it in your handbag and hey presto, when you feel hungry you have an instant meal. Far better than finding, half way to Morocco on a business trip, you have to succumb to an chocolate muffin just to keep hunger pangs at bay.You can supplement hummus for the delicious avocado dip I mentioned (and provided a recipe for) last week... which is really a more luxurious version of guacamole. And instead of crudites, take rice cakes, oatcakes or rye bread. You can also top any of these with tomato or even strawberry slices or - one of my personal favourites - almond butter, banana slices and manuka honey topped with toasted sunflower seeds!Toasted nuts and seeds (and raisins) - or a bag of sprouted seeds - are also good snacks to keep your energy - and nutrition levels - up when you're away from home. You can also chop up root vegetables and cherry tomatoes, put them on skewers and roast them in the oven for a while for another hearty packed lunch.What are your favourite detox diet snacks? Go on, spill the beans!Homemade hummusPut two big teacups of sprouted chickpeas (sprouted for two to three days), a chopped clove of garlic, 3 tbsp tahini, the juice of three lemons, 2 tbsp tamari and enough water to thin the mixture, into a food processor. Blend thoroughly, then mix in 3 tsp chopped spring onions or chives and chill. Will keep for two or three days in the fridge. You can use tinned chickpeas, though they are not, of course, quite as nutritious (or delicious!)