DAY 1: COUNTDOWN TO THE21-DAY 'CONSCIOUS CLEANSE'A space to reflectSo! We've now taken out many of the so-called 'toxins' from our diet and, for the next 21 days, our digestive and eliminatory organs are going to enjoy a well-earned 'refresh' while we ingest only those foods and drinks that are easily digested, easily assimilated and health-giving for our bodies and minds.For instance, the first few days of the detox diet can be pretty heavy-going for the body and mind. The body, when it realises that it's no longer being overloaded with toxins, tends to go into full-on detoxification mode and this can be a very energetic process.I also find that some of the most challenging detox 'side effects' - tiredness at peculiar times of day, headaches (typically caffeine withdrawal symptoms, but sometimes, caused simply by dehydration) often occur during the first few days. The body, too, uses up more water when it is detoxifying - and so it's always a good idea to drink more of it than you would usually as a result.It's also challenging on the mind and emotions - those of us who use food and drink to 'self soothe' (whether consciously or unconsciously) may want to reach out and grab something that would comfort us at this time - and the urge is usually to eat or drink something not on our list of 'allowed' items! Again, best here to remind ourselves that we are doing this diet out of conscious choice and that anything we choose to ingest or not to ingest is always up to us...Having days one and two of the diet over the weekend means we potentially have more of a chance to rest when we feel like it than we would, for instance, at the beginning of the week. This is intentional - because this is often when the most demanding side effects can hit. So when you feel like lying down at a time of the day that you usually feel raring to go, don't chastise yourself. Instead, go with it – and have a lie down! Or better still, go find yourself a peaceful patch of ground and bask in the sun for a while! And when those cravings come round, make time to nurture yourself - have a bubble bath, or make yourself a treat - some Marzipan Balls, say (see recipe, below), or a banana and apple rice milk smoothie (which I'll introduce you to in a couple of days). And let those around you know what to expect – you'll have a much more pleasant time over these 21 days with them on your team!Marzipan balls80g (3.5 oz) almonds2 tablespoons (30 ml) Manuka honey1-2 teaspoons waterMaca powderGrind the almonds finely and knead with the honey and water to a smooth mass. Form small balls and roll them in the maca powder.We've already talked about the importance of finding good sources of plant-based protein on this diet. Tomorrow, we talk about finding a balance of other essential nutrients on your detox diet.