as nature intendedI like to start the 21-day conscious cleanse as I mean to go on. So I kick-start today - and every day of the programme - by squirting half a lemon into a glass of good quality water (more of that later) and guzzling that. It helps support the liver - as we've said, the main detoxifying organ - in its duties for the day. After my early morning meditation, I make myself a fresh herbal tea (in a glass, so I can see the often wonderful natural colours) and retreat to my room or go for a walk in the beautiful gardens where I live, before beginning my day for real.I like to use this space in the morning to reflect on how I'm feeling - any changes in my body-mind that I'm experiencing as a result of the cleansing programme! It's also a good time to tune in to our needs... Is the detoxing process taking more out of you than you had anticipated...? Do you need to adapt your lifestyle to suit? Perhaps you need to come home from work and rest at lunchtime (if that is an option) rather than going to the pub with friends for a few days, to help yourself through this phase? Or perhaps you need to think about how you can support yourself in your daily life, by having healthy snacks with you to work, so that making the healthful choice is easier at times of temptation.Maybe write your thoughts down in a notebook that you've set aside for the purpose - so you can keep track of your progress over the next three weeks. If you feel to, feel free  to share your thoughts and feelings about the programme on this page as you go - using it as a kind of forum to gather ideas and share 'best practice', comments and queries.You could also use today, perhaps, to think about what you've achieved so far – and look ahead to what you can expect over the next three weeks - and how you can best support yourself.