Co-Counselling Fundamentals 

5-day Certified Course

Co-counselling at its most basic is a method of working through the issues in your life with one other person: your co-counselling partner. After an agreed amount of time as 'client', you switch roles (you become the 'counsellor' and the 'counsellor' becomes the client) and reverse the process. Both counsellor and client are similarly trained, leading to a relationship of equals. As client you decide what you want to work on and how, which of the counsellor's suggestions to take up (and which to ignore) and what pace you want to work at.


My five-day certificated course runs regularly in London, Guildford, Brighton or Castle Cary (see dates here). You will be given a set of tools or 'interventions', which you can use while 'clienting' or offer as counsellor. Successful completion of this course means you become a member of the London Co-Counselling Community (receiving free membership for a year and subscription to its email newsletter, Open Space - and access to its network of co-counsellors throughout the South). You can then set up co-counselling sessions, for free, with any other member of the worldwide Co-Counselling International (CCI) network (you can even do co-counselling on skype!) You can also join a local co-counselling peer group and take part in a range of co-counselling workshops and community events (next Co-Counselling Taster Day runs in Brighton in the new year) - please join us.

A skill for Life!

Co-counselling can become a lifelong self-maintenance programme, a means of maintaining mental and emotional equilibrium and discovering new and wonderful things about the wonderful person that is YOU! For a few personal success stories with co-counselling see this short video, by fellow co-counselling teacher Richard Mills (Leeds).

See also the CCI UK websiteCCI network site and the CCI World News Service for a flavour of what co-counselling is all about. You can also sign up to the London Co-Counselling Community newsletter for news of related events and information.